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Screening Philosophy

We believe that we are the ONLY attorney screening site that does NOT accept payment for placement.

To be added to one of our sites at a verified, screened attorney, the attorney must:

  1. Have a primary practice in the county.
  2. Dedicate much or all of his or her practice to the listed area of law.
  3. Not have a record of incompetence with the California Bar.
  4. Be in practice for five years or more.
  5. Be generally known to the site administrators as highly competent.
  6. Be published in a law book or journal related to his or her area of law and/or be certified by the Bar in the listed area of law.

If we receive a complaint about an attorney, we give the attorney a brief time to respond.  If they don’t respond or if the response does not refute allegations of impropriety, the attorney is removed from our sites.  It is easy for an attorney to be removed from our network, it is difficult for an attorney to be added.

If you see an attorney on any of our sites, the attorney should be considered to be one of the elite few who made the cut as the best of the best.

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